Lion and Leopard

A journey into a lost Philadelphia, an artist’s search for a new language of expression, and a tragedy that cuts it short.

“Nathaniel Popkin was born, it seems, with a preternatural talent for turning back the hands of time. Here, in this teeming novel about idealists, romanticists, schemers, and raconteurs, Popkin takes readers through the fields and down the streets of a roiling Philadelphia.” —Beth Kephart

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Review of I Called Him Necktie

02 October 2014 | Cleaver Magazine

A novel can fly across time and space or it can burrow, it can seek out, hide from itself, emerge somewhere else, on some other plane: a surprise. Certainly, other novels set in Tokyo, as is I Called Him Necktie, sprawl across the endless city as words scratch across the page. But this one, by the 34-year-old Milena Michiko Flašar, the Viennese novelist whose mother is Japanese, is a kind of airless tunnel—the closer you are to the exit the further you’ve actually gone, lost as if in meditation, digging.

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